La madre hipócrita (Edición de la Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes) (Spanish Edition)

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Eric Bentley has not gone soft. And so, as he sat in a plush leather chair for an interview last December in the study of his home on Riverside Dr. His health currently renders him unable to travel outside his home; even so, there remain intervening decades of substantive theatre Shepard, Sondheim, Churchill, Kane, Kushner, assorted Wilsons, Mamet, Vogel, Nottage, etc. He has spent some of the intervening decades teaching, as well as writing his own plays, which include Are You Now or Have You Ever Been? Still, the shadow of his seminal collections—which include What Is Theatre?

This was the one figure, apart from Shaw, that Bentley most admired and on which he pinned his hopes for the future of the theatre, and the admiration was reportedly mutual. As an anti-Soviet leftist with seemingly equal disdain for hardline Marxists and softheaded Western liberals, Bentley quite literally made enemies right and left—but mostly left. Bentley had watched the event—which was hosted by a former mentee and housemate, Michael Riedel yes, that Michael Riedel , and featured tributes from various luminaries including Kushner —from home via livestream. Below are excerts from our conversation.

From the University of Pennsylvania Press :. With its dominance as a European power and the explosion of its prose and dramatic writing, Spain provided an irresistible literary source for English writers of the early modern period. But the deep and escalating political rivalry between the two nations led English writers to negotiate, disavow, or attempt to resolve their fascination with Spain and their debt to Spanish sources.

Amid thorny issues of translation and appropriation, imperial competition, the rise of commercial authorship, and anxieties about authenticity, Barbara Fuchs traces how Spanish material was transmitted into English writing, entangling English literature in questions of national and religious identity, and how piracy came to be a central textual metaphor, with appropriations from Spain triumphantly reimagined as heroic looting. Fuchs examines how their writing, particularly for the stage, recasts a reliance on Spanish material by constructing narratives of militaristic, forcible use.

English literature was deeply transnational, even in the period most closely associated with the birth of a national literature. Recovering the profound influence of Spain on Renaissance English letters, The Poetics of Piracy paints a sophisticated picture of how nations can serve, at once, as rivals and resources. Professor Barbara Fuchs leads a great initiative in Los Angeles: diversifying the classics.

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As part of her work there are available online three translations of Spanish Golden Age comedies:. Vidas paralelas Editorial Calambur Cosens , Esta es la lista de obras disponibles a fecha 26 de junio de y sus enlaces para leer online:. I dedicate this edition to her memory. Eric Bentley, critic and editor, and Roy Campbell, poet and translator Eric Bentley, born in September 14, , is a British-born American critic, playwright, singer, editor and translator. He wrote: Not only did he lose his life By shots assassinated: But with a hammer and a knife Was after that—translated.

As part of her work there are available online three translations of Spanish Golden Age comedies: Lope de Vega, Women and servants. Con estas obras se iniciaron las publicaciones de este blog, por lo que bien vale la pena hacer referencia a esas entradas. Bibliofilia digital: La Dorotea , Lope de vega. Baste con un par de ejemplos.

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En el acto I, escena tercera, canta Fernando:. A mis soledades voy,. Como siempre, los comentarios son bien recibidos. Es el hotel de la gente adinerada de provincias que viene a Londres.

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Los ingleses presumen de poseer ellos solos el secreto de una comida sana, sustancial y abundante. Es cierto que todas estas comidas son perfectamente naturales y cocidas sin ninguna salsa, pero no se comen de la manera en la que se sirven. Las naranjas, que vienen de Portugal, son excelentes y no valen casi nada. Theodor Fontane — Ein sommer in London En Londres todo se reduce al movimiento de la riqueza material, con raras excepciones. Recorre en tren Alemania y Francia, cruza a Inglaterra antes de volver hacia el sur de Francia, Italia, Suiza y de nuevo Alemania en su regreso a Rusia.

En Londres, el ruso escribe:. Henry James fue un escritor estadounidense. Federico Rahola — Los Ingleses vistos por un latino : impresiones de viaje Townsend, An American girl in London Una Americana en Londres , de Sara Jeannette Duncan , una comedia en la que la escritora canadiense pone en escena una viajera americana en Londres e imagina las situaciones divertidas ocasionadas por el choque de culturas. Obviamente, la lista de poemas dedicados a Londres es infinita.

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Se puede encontrar una lista bastante exhaustiva en la web Poetry Atlas. John Gay — Walking the Streets of London. William Blake — London. Clemente Althaus — A Londres Gilbert — The Bab Ballads William H.

Los Hijos del Sol (Spanish Edition)

Bartlett — Vista general de Londres. William Witsen — Coches en Londres Turner — El Viejo Puente de Londres Amy Levy — London in July. Camille Pissarro — Hyde Park Katherine Mansfield — Spring Wind in London. Slack-Davis — London O the throbbing of that mighty heart!

From sunrise to sundown they cease not, — Hurrying whither? In splendid array they rise, and splendor clothes them within ; For lordly are the dwellers and proud, With pride of lineage and pride of race and pride of wealth, — And thou liftest thy lofty head — London! O the roar of the streets! O the throbbings of that mighty heart! Is it well with thee? Is it well with thee, mighty heart?

And the demon Want stalks gaunt and grim : Is it well, heart of wealth, is it well? And misery lurks in noisome abodes ; Rags and shame clothe the creatures of God, While heavenward the countless spires point. Is it well?

Must such things be? To the ground! Bow heart and head, proud London! Crouching in shadows of Night, Trembling with the dark horror of Night. For Murder lurks in silent ambush, Soft-footed Murder steps beside ; Swift and sure, unheard, unseen, Strikes the dreadful knife, — Falls the pitiless knife ; Comes rest to the driven soul. Comes oblivion to despair. Hath God averted his face? Is it well, O heart of wealth, that thy countless thousands pine?

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Is the roar of thy streets the voice of doom? Cleanse thee! Remember Babylon! Oscar Wilde — Impression du matin James Elroy Flecker — Ballad of the Londoner Clean-shaven, with thick, dark-brown hair, the self-taught artist has a youthful countenance that makes him appear younger than his forty-eight years.

His clothes and shoes are speckled with a rainbow of paint flecks. Though he started this mural like all his other murals—a pencil sketch on paper—empty spaces always appear during the painting, he explains. The King Elementary mural is one of approximately seventy-five Ortiz murals that enliven public spaces throughout the Salinas Valley and the central coast.

Since its inception, Hijos del Sol has provided free studio space, tools, and mentorship to hundreds of at-risk youth in East Salinas—one of the most poverty-stricken communities in California. Ninety-six percent of the population in East Salinas is Latino; seventy-four percent live in low-income households, and nearly eighty percent have limited English proficiency.

The streets of East Salinas are rife with gang violence, and the region has one of the highest homicide rates in the nation.

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Hijos del Sol gives young people an alternative to the streets, offering them the space and opportunity to express themselves and develop skills through art. More than anything, we provide the tools and environment that allow for that creativity. I just molded them together. One sister handed him a tiny pencil and scrap of paper, and he started to draw. After that, the urge to express himself through art—the urge to create—began to grow.