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Eating can be a coping mechanism for people with depression or anxiety.

Overeating can lead to weight gain, but in a vicious cycle, obesity itself can also make you hungry all the time. Excess fat could cause your insulin levels to skyrocket, making your appetite go up in response, says Dr.

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Plus, fat cells make your body less sensitive to the satiety hormone, leptin, says Dr. Low blood sugar can come from a number of causes, from meal skipping to pancreas problems. So, a lb 59kg female would need grams of protein per day.

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A lb 82kg male would need grams. Aim to have between grams of protein with each meal.

Hunger Awareness Exercise (It only takes 60 seconds!)

If your morning meal is usually a bagel with peanut butter, consider adding some eggs or a yogurt to bump up the protein content. To avoid this, keep bars or fruit in your car, your purse, your backpack and your desk.

Keep snacks basically everywhere you go. It is very buttery-rich and fragrant.

On a practical note, it's a great way to use up over-ripe bananas. About the big sequel! Skip to main content.

Just Hungry

The Mystery of Japanese "Sauce". Welcome to Just Hungry, serving authentic Japanese recipes, thoughts on Japanese culture, and other delicious tidbits since I'm your host Makiko, aka Maki.

Japan Times article: The influence of social media on food in the s. Two "Asian cuisine" cookbooks.

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My latest and first Japan Times articles are both about the same thing, sort of. Just Bento is back! Keep reading Just Bento is back! A new business-oriented article about Pocky on Just My Japan.