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Last chance to buy: opening hours this weekend vary, so phone for details. Ventures into bedroom territory should only be undertaken once the second party has unwrapped this silk organza bedspread from Nicole Farhi. Made from per cent silk and available in wine, steel blue, pale stone and granite, this voluptuous textile has a fairly heavy texture that makes it perfect as a bedspread on cold winter nights or as a sheet in balmier months.

Legend has it that Cleopatra bathed in rose oil and carpeted her floors with rose petals before seducing Mark Antony, so anything featuring this special ingredient would seem an ideal gift for Valentine's Day. The limited- edition Aromathology Love Kit, containing rose oil, advises you to apply its pulse-point balm throughout the day, to scent your room with "Romance" essential oil, and then to tend to your partner with the massage oil.

How much: pounds Offering a bird's-eye view of the lunar landscape, cave dwellings and apricot orchards of Turkey's Cappadocia region, this is one of the most impressive balloon rides on earth. The sunrise trip takes around four hours, and includes a champagne send-off. Where from: Brief Encounters can arrange trips at short notice and fax over the details. This "Happy Feet" massage roller should put a smile on anyone's face with its suggestion of one of two things: either you're about to whisk them away for a night of frenzied tangoing; or you're willing to get intimate with their weary tootsies and treat them to a rather more personal kind of workout.

Should you find yourself locked out of someone's heart this Valentine's Day, one of these little gems should help. How much: pounds to pounds 7, Last chance to buy: today 10am to 5pm. A freshly cut slice of handmade Cherish soap not only smells irresistible - of juicy berries smothered in gooey vanilla cream - it's also good-looking and moisturising thanks to vegetable glycerine. Primal Elements' products are kind to the environment, too: no animal testing or animal ingredients are involved in the making of this soap but plenty of pure essential oils and natural botanicals , and the packaging is recyclable.

How much: from pounds 4. Where from: Primal Elements call for nearest stockist. Last chance to buy: opening hours today vary, so phone for details. Single red roses from Running Wild come vacuum-packed in clear-plastic containers of various designs some shaped like vases that fit easily through a letter box. Matching tags are attached, if anonymity is not what you're after, but the idea is that the rose lasts as long as your love, so choose well. Last chance to buy: today 10am to 2pm; for delivery tomorrow, orders should be made by 12noon today.

If you want to make sure that hearts are melting wherever you go this Valentine's Day, the best step to invest in a box of fine chocolates. These reasonably priced heart-shaped ones by Lindor come nestled in a bright-red, heart-shaped box, and each is filled with a creamy milk- chocolate truffle centre.

Where from: Lindor call for nearest stockist. For lingerie that is sexy, feminine and elegant all at the same time, the Layla collection, new in at Agent Provocateur shops, should cover all the necessary areas. The basic fabric is champagne satin, which is overlaid with lavender lace and black satin straps. How much: bras pounds 75, suspenders pounds 60, string pounds 35, babydoll pounds and brief pounds Last chance to buy: Pont Street store 10am to 6pm, Broadwick Street store 11am to 7pm. Made from the fermented fruit of the murula tree, also known as the elephant tree - which is indigenous to southwest Africa - this cream- based tipple is rather like Baileys.

The difference between the two is that the murula fruit is said to be an aphrodisiac, so it might be wise to start with a few gentle sips. Ellen Von Unwerth's Couples makes a perfect companion on long journeys when you want to daydream of that special person. Her glamorous colour photographs show lovers engaging in various amorous encounters, but pictures are sensual rather than overtly raunchy, and, thankfully, bear no resemblance to a copy of Razzle.

Create a warm, romantic glow with this sweet-smelling vanilla candle, which comes in a silver-plated, heart-shaped dish. The best thing is that, once the candle has melted - along with your hearts, of course - the dish can be used time and again for storing bits and bobs, holding pot-pourri or cradling bars of soap. Waltz off into the Venetian sunset with your sweetheart for a classically romantic break.

Brief Encounters is adept at sorting out last-minute travel. Not only will they arrange your four-star hotel, but will also throw in a travel pack including a guide book and city map to help you make the most of the visit.

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This russet-coloured, heart-shaped cushion is designed to be heated up in the microwave and then left to loll on your pillow. Apparently, the scent it releases is completely intoxicating, so be prepared to send your partner either wild with passion or straight to sleep - both potentially appealing options depending on your other half. If you can't bear the thought of being out-done, the silver-plated Nokia DB real platinum mobile phone by NEC makes the ideal gift.

Bar purchasing a small island or a private helicopter, the price tag alone pretty much excludes your other half from lavishing a better gift on you - but do make sure you get the insurance to go with it. Scrummy cake, oodles of fresh cream and a dainty dollop of jam, all neatly presented in an appropriately heart-shaped fashion - what more could a romantic soul desire?

For added value, slip in a diamond ring; your beloved might just say "I do" - if, of course, they don't accidentally swallow the ring first. The Berlin, Grand Prix, Ecstasy, Tamango and Black Beauty strains included come in every shade you can think of, from bright scarlet to almost black, and the voluptuous velvety petals give off a wonderful scent. For a more contemporary offering, the "Red, Hot and Exotic" bouquet should prove most acceptable.

Last chance to buy: today 8am-8pm, last orders for next-day delivery 6pm; tomorrow 8am-5pm. Rococo really is the finest of chocolate shops. Every item is made from the highest-quality ingredients and is beautifully presented - an important consideration for special-occasion gifts.

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Practically anything in the shop would get you in your loved one's good books, but a selection of chocolate hearts made from the rarest cocoa bean in the world, the majari, would show how much you value them. How much: from pounds 3 to more than pounds What would Valentine's Day be without a French kiss? The one thing you really should allow to titillate your lips this Valentine's Day is Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rose Brut, the standard-bearer for rose champagnes. Produced by the saignee method to create the delicate amber-pink colour and full pinot-noir aroma, this is the ultimate stylish weapon in the art of seduction.

It's not really surprising that eating oysters is supposed to be an aphrodisiac: the whole idea is so unpleasant that it had to acquire some attractive connotation. If you think your loved one's a slippery customer, then nip down to Bluebird to stock up on some fresh specimens. The fishmonger will open them for you and place them in your very own takeaway oyster box.

At last, Penhaligon's Love Potion No 9 is a "his and hers" product that you'll actually want to buy - and the packaging is fantastic. The women's fragrance, which is bright pink, includes vanilla, coriander and lemon, and comes in a pink bag with a black heart and tie. The contrasting men's fragrance is new this year and includes lemon, aniseed, clove, cinnamon and sandalwood. It comes in a sexy black bag emblazoned with a provocatively pink heart. What could possibly be more romantic than a room full of softly flickering candles?

Whether your budget stretches to one or one hundred, Anthony Stern will have the candlestick to suit. Available from his studio open to the public in all shapes and sizes, candlesticks bought direct from here will probably be around 20 per cent cheaper than from other stockists.

For a flight of fancy this weekend, you might want to visit Romance, a one-horse town in Bill Clinton's home state of Arkansas; get there in a rental car from Little Rock change planes at Dallas Fort Worth. Or, if you simply want to land at an amorous airport, take the Southwest shuttle from Houston to Love Field in Dallas the place from which JFK began his fatal motorcade.

And then there's always Intercourse, Pennsylvania How much: a return flight to Houston departing tomorrow for a week costs pounds incl taxes on Continental Airlines; American Airlines has return flights to Little Rock from pounds incl taxes. These pampering products come in three different fragrances - "Energy", "Desire" and "Temptation" - so you can choose the precise mood you want to create. Just leave your loved one to soak in a cleansing bath, pamper them with products to soften and smooth the skin, then spritz them with a kissably enticing scent.

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Anyone for a bit of Temptation? If you want a champion lover, don't beat around the bush: make them sweat with a pair of these 2. On the off-chance that it all goes horribly wrong, you'll be able to console yourself by pinching them back and melting them down into something more wearable. Imagine the perfect seduction scene: clean sheets, a carefully chosen bottle of wine, soft lighting, raunchy music - and a pile of cigarette ash. If your loved one has a filthy habit, indulge their weakness and scatter some pastel-hued Ines de la Fressange ashtrays around the bedchamber prior to retiring.

If you see yourself - and your partner - more as "saucy devils" than "tortured romantics", forget lavish bouquets of flowers. Instead, try sending guzmania, a spiky species for horny types. A sensual alternative is an elegant box full of highly scented loose petals from the Ecstasy rose - these must be used on the same day, so sprinkle them over your sheets or scatter them in the bath.

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Or try The Flower Store's single-stem offering: a Grand Prix rose that makes a stark and stylish statement.